Create secure online forms to collect client details, documents and signatures

Automate client onboarding with forms

You can now create online forms for clients to securely complete right from their web browser! The drag-and-drop form builder can be used to design templates for a range of different uses. These can include; onboarding new clients before an appointment, signing waivers, asking required COVID-19 questions, updating details for clients not seen for some time and any other use you can think of!

Customise form colours to match your brand's look and feel, add in your logo and write a form submission message.

How form templates work

Form templates are made up of sections, which can include questions (which include personal detail questions), titles and descriptions, and images. You can have a single section or multiple sections to help break up questions into categories. For example, you may have a section for providing history, adding personal details and signing a waiver.


There is a range of questions that are available for online forms. The list of question types include:

Checkboxes: Provide a range of options with the client being able to "tick all that apply".

Dropdown: Enter a list of possible options and ask clients to select one of those options as their response.

Multiple choice: Clients can select one option out of a series of options.

File upload: Clients can upload a document or image (up to 5MB in size).

Date: Ask clients to select a date.

Linear scale - Clients can slide along a scale to indicate different levels of pain, sliding from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10.

Signature - Clients can sign the form using a stylus or mouse, from any device.

Yes/No: Clients can easily select yes or no to respond to a question.

Client details: Ask clients to provide the following information:

  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Emergency Contact
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Intolerances
  • Medicare details
  • Health insurance details
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs details
  • NDIS number
  • Occupation
  • Privacy policy checkbox

When a client submits a form, the details section automatically updates with the responses provided, reducing any double handling of information.

Titles and descriptions

You can add a title and description in different sections of your form. You may want to use this feature to explain to clients the purposes for collecting such personal information, which is especially useful for helping you meet privacy laws like the Australian Privacy Principles.


You can upload multiple images to forms when you need to visually explain something to your clients while they complete a form.

Attach forms to communication templates

You can send forms to clients automatically by selecting a form from the placeholder dropdown and adding it to your communication templates. You may want to create a new appointment confirmation template and assign the template to services which are for new clients. The reason is, you are only going to want new clients to provide details to you and not ask your repeating clients to provide their details for every appointment.

Workflow automation

Use these features to build your form templates even faster!

Set required questions: You can mark questions as required, ensuring that clients answer all necessary questions before submitting a form.

Duplicate questions: If you plan on asking similar questions, then you can use the "duplicate" feature to create a replication for your form templates. Personal details questions can only be added to a form once so that Splose knows which field to update in the client details section.

Delete questions: Splose prompts a confirmation message when you want to delete a question in a form template.

Duplicate form templates: Need a similar template? Easy! Use the duplicate template feature to create a copy of your template and make changes without having to design another template from scratch!

For step-by-step help, check out the getting started guide for online forms.

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