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Carrying your team through growth

splose's practice management software is the perfect fit for growing healthcare teams. Foster collaboration, streamline processes, and grow your practice with ease.

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Key features for growing teams

Collaborative scheduling and calendar management

Coordinate schedules and manage appointments seamlessly, ensuring optimal teamwork and client care.

Shared client records and documentation

Maintain a centralised system for client records and documentation, accessible to all team members, fostering a unified approach to client care.

Group billing and financial management

Handle financial processes efficiently with features that support group billing and reporting, suited for growing teams’ financial dynamics.

Team-based reporting and insights

Gain valuable insights with reports that cater to growing teams, helping you make informed decisions about your practice’s growth and direction.

AI note-taking and report writing

splose AI is taking notes and reporting for duty. Handy AI prompts and summarising features help to complete progress notes, allowing practitioners to focus more on what counts - their clients.

Scalable features as you grow

We’re always picking up what you’re putting down, and we can grow with your team. splose's scalable features ensure that as your team expands, your practice management solution does too.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients