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Be the first to meet splose AI – talented, clever, handy, and the first of its kind

splose AI is your healthcare ally, and an industry first for AI. It’s intuitive and easy to use, built into your practice management software, and tailored to the complex needs of allied health professionals to make work simpler, and smoother than ever. Be the first to meet splose AI. Request early access today.

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Say the word, and AI transcribes sessions into SOAP notes

  • Written in a snap: AI voice-to-text transcribes your session in real-time, meaning you can focus on engaging with patients while splose records your session and takes notes
  • AI knows who’s who: advanced AI speech recognition and multi-speaker detection technology ensures your notes are captured precisely with a practitioner and client, minimising errors and misinterpretations
  • Summarised in a click: AI summarise converts your transcription into SOAP notes in a click, so you can spend less time documenting and more time delivering exceptional care
AI Automation Splose AI 02

AI holds the answers, just ask

Deeper insights at your fingertips

splose AI intelligently analyses your past notes, automatically generating concise summaries that highlight key points of previous assessments, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Gain instant clarity and context without sifting through pages of prior notes

Adapts to your style

splose learns your unique note-taking style and adapts its summaries accordingly, providing personalised understanding and highlighting aspects relevant to your specific practice

Down with the details

splose AI allows you to query client profile data directly within your progress notes, eliminating the need to navigate separate screens and applications

The email assistant at your fingertips

  • Drafts written on cue: spend less time writing emails from scratch. Provide a brief summary of the email's purpose, and splose AI can generate a draft based on your prompt
  • Checking your tone: splose AI email assistant could scan your email draft and provide suggestions to make the tone more professional, friendly, or persuasive, depending on the intended recipient
  • Good with grammar: spend less time proofing, and send with confidence. splose AI can help identify errors and suggest ways to improve your email's overall clarity and readability
AI Automation Splose AI 03

Security & Privacy FAQ

Discover how splose AI prioritises the security and privacy of your data.

What is splose AI?

splose AI is an opt-in, generative AI feature in splose powered by OpenAI, that utilises advanced machine learning algorithms and our proprietary evaluation and monitoring system to continually enhance AI results and accuracy.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We prioritise data privacy and security. Data encryption is maintained both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+). Additionally, OpenAI undergoes SOC 2 compliance audits. Personal identifiable information is anonymised during evaluation to prevent association with individual clients.

Does OpenAI retain my inputted data?

No. OpenAI does not retain or utilise your submitted business data. splose has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with OpenAI to ensure that OpenAI adheres to zero data retention policies. This means, your data is never incorporated into their training model, nor stored for any amount of time.

How accurate is splose AI?

splose AI continually improves its performance based on user interactions and feedback. While we aim for high accuracy, occasional limitations or errors may arise in AI models. Nonetheless, our team is committed to refining and optimising AI performance to provide the best user experience.

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