Our Story

Splose started as a website development company in 2016 predominantly for Allied Health practitioners, which quickly provided insight into the outdated practice management systems our clients were using or considering. These systems were initially built over a decade ago and are unreliable, slow and prevent teams from doing their best work. Unable to recommend these, we set out on a mission to automate admin for providers in the only way we knew - bringing delight through software.

We are the right people to achieve this mission, with a team experienced in running clinics to leading up a national workforce with 1,000+ employees, through to talented designers and software engineers. With decade-old software moving at a snail’s pace, we feel a responsibility to help build the future of practice management.

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Our Culture

I feel like I do my best work at Splose. We work on genuinely interesting product features that impact hundreds of thousands of clients who need support. The fact that I get to do this at Stone & Chalk, Lot Fourteen is a rare opportunity.

Harry Nguyen, Software Engineer

Our Values

Every day, we use these values to guide decisions that impact our company, our hiring process, and the future of our customers. These values have been a part of our culture from early on.

We care deeply about our customers

We exist to save time for our customers so they can spend it where it makes a difference. We are honest about the progress we are making toward our goals.

We create delightful experiences

Each interaction with our product, brand, and team should be delightful.

We simplify the complex

Delightful software and innovative features are the output - but we always start with the problem first. We think big, but we start small.

We think years in advance

Designed for the practices of the future, we challenge the status quo, continuously learn from our customers, and build tools that last.

We channel positivity

We believe in reaping what we sow, which is why we take pride in supporting our customers and team with energy and enthusiasm.

We are always a team

Hard work, aspiration, and dedication are the things that contribute to our success. We celebrate wins, and we always support one another during challenging times.

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