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Scheduling is second-nature

splose is carrying your calendars, juggling your priorities and making sure everyone's aligned. Designed with collaboration in mind, the splose calendar enhances your time management and is made for clinics, mobile practitioners and Telehealth appointments.

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Practice Management Calendar and Scheduling 01

Calendar features at your fingertips

Drag and drop

Drag and drop to different locations and practitioners

Time clash alerts

See all time conflicts when scheduling repeating appointments

Busy times

Colour code your lunch breaks, meetings and unavailable times

Rooms/ resources

Switch to the rooms/resources view to see availability

Pro-rata service fees

Price per hour fees automatically update invoicing

Multi-location display

Filter and show any combination of locations and practitioners

Group appointments

Create group sessions from the calendar and online bookings

Waitlist matches

Identify waitlist matches and easily create new appointments

Keyboard shortcuts

Easily navigate through different views and filters

Appointment SMS & email reminders

Confirmation, reschedule, reminders and cancellation messages

Links with your calendar apps

Sync your splose calendar with Outlook, Apple Calendar, or Google Calendar by enabling the calendar feed. This one-way integration sends updated appointments, support activities, and busy times straight from splose to your external calendar. For community support, client addresses or provider travel appointment locations are automatically synced.

  • Secure calendar feed URL for external calendars
  • Sync with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook
  • Automatic updates pushed
Practice Management Calendar and Scheduling 02

Juggle practitioner availability with ease

  • Craft personalised weekly or fortnightly rosters for different locations
  • Incorporate one-time custom availability for special days
  • Take control by overriding availability directly from the calendar
Practice Management Calendar and Scheduling 04

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients