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Advanced practice management for enterprise-level healthcare organisations

splose's practice management software is designed for large healthcare enterprises. Manage multiple locations, diverse services, and complex operations with ease and efficiency.

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Enterprise level support

splose can scale with your healthcare organisation, and help you grow. With customisable features, splose can stretch, and flex up the support where you need it most, helping you get the most out of your organisation.

Whether you’re juggling multiple locations, different time zones, or a range of services, splose has it handled. The unique, scaleable platform can adapt to the unique needs of your enterprise, and meet the challenges specific to your practice at any scale. When you need a smart, savvy platform that scales alongside your practice and empowers your team work more efficiently than ever, count splose in.

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Faster, more accurate reports at your team’s fingertips

Say the word and it’s done, with splose AI’s powerful voice-to-text feature that finessess speech into report-ready writing. From progress notes and complex reports, to automated emails, splose AI can help practitioners write more quickly and accurately, through AI prompts, AI summarise, grammar checking, and writing assistance.

splose AI

Effortless client intake

splose carries the client journey, from end-to-end through the power of automation. From intake forms you can embed on your website to a handy waitlist screener that enables you to triage referrals more efficiently - consider your waitlist sorted.

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A suite of tools, for a suite of services

Our scalable platform helps your business cater to a variety of healthcare services, including in-office visits, mobile visits, telehealth and group classes with a versatile and adaptable scheduling system.

Deeper insights and analytics

Dig deeper, and grow with customisable reporting and insights on your practitioners and organisation.

Lean on splose’s existing tools, or build your own reporting capabilities with splose’s API.

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Plays well with other software

From working with existing healthcare systems, to financial software and other essential tools - splose is a good-team player. It can work hand-in-hand with third-party software, through clever integration options.

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Switch to splose, the easiest handover ever

If you’re overloaded, just hand it over to splose. No matter how many hands you have on deck, transitioning to a new practice management system has never been easier. Our AI is as clever as they come, but our real human support team is always on hand when you need us to ensure a breezy migration.

Starting with dedicated & local human support, the team ensures a smooth migration of data and workflows allowing you to minimise downtime and maintain continuity in practice operations.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients