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Advanced practice management for speech pathologists

Optimise your speech pathology practice with splose. Benefit from telehealth and mobile visit capabilities, AI-assisted documentation, online bookings, and more for enhanced client care and efficiency.

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Enhancing speech pathology practices with cutting-edge features

In a word, splose has it handled. Speech pathology practices need a practice management system that accommodates their specific clinical and administrative demands. splose provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including robust calendar, note writing, mobile visit and telehealth features, to streamline operations and enhance the quality of client care in speech pathology.

Your ally from onboarding to scheduling

AI that talks the talk

Say the word and it’s done, with splose AI’s powerful voice-to-text feature that finessess speech into report-ready writing, and summarises notes into SOAP format in a click. With splose AI on your team, you’ll have the extra support for all things speech pathology documentation, client communication, progress notes and letter-writing so you can work more efficiently than ever.

Handy online referral forms

splose’s online referral forms are easier for you, and your clients. Simplify your client intake with embeddable forms tailored for speech pathology referrals, that fit seamlessly into your website.

Savvy waitlist management

Efficiently manage client appointments and reduce speech pathology wait times with our dynamic waitlist function, including geographical mapping for mobile visit booking efficiency.

Designed for mobile providers

Facilitate off-site speech pathology sessions effectively with mobile visit support, and seamlessly integrate with popular calendar systems like Google Calendar and Outlook.

Billing & reporting, handled

Payments, sorted

splose can handle a variety of speech-language therapy payments and claims, including ACC and private paying clients.

Handy telehealth solutions

Offer speech-language therapy care from anywhere with our advanced telehealth capabilities, vital for offering the best support during remote consultations and therapy sessions.

Tools for growth

With custom reporting features, gain insights to help improve speech-language therapy operations with ready-to-go and customisable reports.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients