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An osteopath's ultimate practice power tool

Unlock a new level of efficiency and client satisfaction with splose - the innovative platform tailored for osteopaths. Streamline operations, deliver exceptional care, and drive practice growth.

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As an osteopath, you are committed to providing holistic, personalised care that promotes optimal health and well-being. However, the administrative demands of running a practice can often detract from your core focus. That's where splose comes in - a cutting-edge platform designed to alleviate the operational burdens, allowing you to dedicate your energy to what truly matters: your clients.

splose has your back

  • Smoother billing and claims
    Navigate the complexities of osteopathy billing and reimbursements with ease. splose's robust billing capabilities seamlessly handle claims from private insurance, Medicare, WorkCover, and other payers, automating the process and minimising administrative burdens.
  • Tools for growth
    Gain invaluable insights into your practice's performance with splose's powerful reporting and analytics suite. Unlock key metrics, patient trends, and revenue streams - empowering you to make data-driven decisions that drive sustainable growth.
  • Payments, simplified
    Provide a seamless payment experience for your patients with splose's integrated payment processing. Securely accept a variety of payment methods, including EFTPOS, credit cards, and mobile wallets, ensuring a hassle-free financial journey.
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Embrace the future of osteopathy practice management with splose

Contact us today to learn how our innovative platform can transform the way you operate, elevate patient satisfaction, and propel your practice to new heights.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients