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Practice management for NDIS providers, handled

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) brings unique challenges and responsibilities for service providers. splose AI practice management software is specifically designed to meet these needs, offering streamlined solutions for service agreements, schedules of support, case tracking, and more.

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Service agreements & schedule of supports made easy

Easily create, manage, and update NDIS service agreements that contain a schedule of supports and automated plan date population. With splose, your service agreements automatically populates participant details and the fee schedule auto calculates the total budget for you and the participant. Service agreements can be printed or digitally signed with ease and form reports allow you to track completed and incomplete agreements.

NDIS bulk upload in a snap

splose offers a smooth NDIS bulk upload feature, designed to simplify the process of claiming from the NDIS portal. This functionality allows for quick and easy uploading of bulk payment requests, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in submitting multiple claims.

By automating this process, splose helps healthcare providers efficiently manage their NDIS billing, ensuring accuracy and compliance while saving valuable administrative time.

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Keep budgets on track with cases

Effectively manage your participant’s funding with splose’s case tracking. Cases help you monitor a NDIS participant’s total funding via hours, session visits or budget across face to face and non face to face services. Automated case utilisation and expiry reminders help you to appropriately schedule the participants' support across their NDIS plan period.


Smooth participant intake

When everything works in sync, intake is smoother for participants, and your practice. New referrals flow effortlessly from embeddable forms for your website, through to the waitlist screener to be triaged and seen by practitioners. Save time on data entry, so you can focus on customer service and improved participant outcomes.

Handy waitlist management

splose’s waitlist screener has revolutionised waitlist management for NDIS providers. Referrals received via NDIS providers using splose’s embeddable forms are automatically added to the waitlist screener allowing providers to accept or decline referrals.

The waitlist allows NDIS providers to visualise their waitlist in the map view for efficient scheduling of mobile visits. The waitlist report allows providers to gain valuable insights to drive strategic and operational decisions.

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AI assisted clinical documentation

splose AI supports NDIS providers to write progress notes, reports and emails faster and more accurately. This is a revolutionary feature for NDIS practice management software allowing NDIS providers and their team to focus on higher value tasks and what matters most - improving participant outcomes and helping them meet their goals.

splose AI

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients