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Get more out of your data, with advanced reporting & API

splose’s reporting capabilities are off the charts

And, in the data-driven world of healthcare, insightful reporting is key to a successful practice. Get more control over your data, with advanced reporting tools that enable you to easily create custom reports, and work hand-in-hand with leading analytics platforms like Power BI and Google Data Studio using splose’s powerful API. Step into the future of data analysis with splose.

Custom reports tailored to your needs

Dive deeper with custom reports that you can create around your unique business needs. Harness the data within splose, to build repots with the exact insights you need.

Whether tracking practitioner performance, a particular service's cancellation history or overall financial performance, the data and the insights are all at your fingertips with splose.

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Sending Batch invoice
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Practitioner performance and growth

splose's Practitioner Performance Report is a powerful tool for tracking and improving practice efficiency. Keep your finger on the pulse through key metrics including utilisation, billed hours, travel time, rebooking rates, and client visit averages.

This detailed reporting empowers practices to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimise practitioner performance. By offering a clear overview of key performance indicators, splose's practitioner report helps practices enhance service quality, increase productivity, and drive better client outcomes.

Performance reports

Get your analytics in sync with Power BI and Google Data Studio

Expand your analytical capabilities by connecting splose with data analytics products such as Power BI or Google Data Studio through our robust API.

This integration empowers you to dive deeper into your data, combining splose’s comprehensive data collection with the advanced analytical power of these platforms. Visualise trends, uncover insights, and present data in compelling, easy-to-understand formats.

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