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Powerful invoicing & finance tools at your fingertips

Batch invoicing with a few clicks

Save a bunch of time, and invoice by the bundle.

Batch invoicing revolutionises the way you invoice, sending uninvoiced items to clients and third parties with a few clicks, significantly reducing the time and effort required to get paid for your work. Consider invoicing done, in a snap.

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Sending Batch invoice
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Sending Batch invoice
Invoicing Finance Overview Page 01

Bringing third party invoicing to the party

Invoicing third parties, including NDIS, DVA, Medicare, private health insurance, and WorkCover, is simplified with splose. splose also makes third-party debtor management easy. Using the debtor report, you can track overdue payments from third parties and use automated invoice reminders to follow up on them. This feature ensures your practice can efficiently handle third-party invoicing and financial follow-ups, saving time and reducing administrative stress.

Works hand-in-hand with Xero

It’s the back and forth between apps, without the back and forth between apps.

splose's two-way integration with Xero makes financial reconciliation easier than ever. Payments are reconciled in Xero and automatically synced back to splose, streamlining your accounting processes. The integration allows for a smooth flow of financial data between splose and Xero, providing real-time updates and reducing manual entry errors. It’s less double-handling for you, and more accuracy for your financial records.

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Sending Batch invoice
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Sending Batch invoice
Invoicing Finance Overview Page Customisable financial reports updated

Customisable financial reports in the palm of your hand

From snapshots, to annual reports, splose has a handle on it. splose elevates your financial management tools offering advanced reporting capabilities with customisable filters. Utilise splose’s predefined reports for practitioner performance, billed items, payments or build your own custom reports.

Access the aged debtors report and uninvoiced report to ensure bad debt is avoided and no billing opportunities are missed. This comprehensive suite of financial reports empowers practices with critical data for making informed decisions, enhancing revenue generation, and maintaining efficient billing practices.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients