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The AI & Automation that’s like muscle memory

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You know better than anyone what works for your practice

Our intuitive AI can learn from you to work the way you love, and run in the background like it’s muscle memory. splose is revolutionising practice management with an AI assistant and advanced automation features designed to save you time. Our cutting-edge and secure AI assistant supports practitioners with progress note and reporting writing.

Say the word and it’s done, with powerful voice-to-text reports drafted at an industry standard. Elevate your practice’s efficiency and accuracy, with advanced automations for email drafting, client intake, waitlist screening, case tracking and alerts, making client intake and progress a breeze.

AI-assisted clinical notes: a practitioner’s best friend

splose AI always has your back. It’s a practitioner’s best friend for a reason - offering unmatched AI support in progress note, report, letter and email writing. It’s your powerful, secure assistant that simplifies the creation of clinical documentation and correspondence, significantly reducing the time spent on routine tasks.

Speak reports into existence, with the savvy voice-to-text feature that takes notes, then finesses a transcript into report-ready writing. By streamlining essential administrative processes, splose empowers your practice to operate more efficiently, enables practitioners to focus more on client care, and elevates the overall quality of services.

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Onboard new referrals with less handling than ever

splose's automated embeddable forms streamline client intake by seamlessly integrating online referrals into splose. Once embedded on your website, these forms direct referrals into splose, engaging the waitlist screener for efficient new client triaging.

This workflow can automatically prompt emails to both clients and staff, enhancing communication and reducing manual input. With additional features like automated waitlist tags, splose not only automates new client data entry but also significantly decreases administrative tasks, allowing your practice to focus more on client care and less on paperwork.

Embeddable forms

Efficient case tracking: ensuring optimal service delivery

Keep every case on track. splose's case tracking feature enables practices to track hours, appointments, and budget allocations for each referral. Case alerts automatically remind you when a case is expiring or budget utilisation reaches a certain threshold, ensuring services are provided within the appropriate scope and timeframe.

This proactive approach prevents the delivery of services beyond their authorised period or allocation, safeguarding you and your client, and making the most of resources. splose's case tracking feature is essential for maintaining accurate and timely service delivery.

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