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10 Jul, 2024

Meet Allied Health’s cleverest new ally - splose AI

The Handover splose AI
Jane Jongen
5 mins to read

With three groundbreaking new features in hand, loaded with endless talent, unmatched intuition, and brains as clever as they come, we couldn’t be more excited to officially roll out splose AI. Prepare for your practice to become more efficient than ever. Adding these innovative splose AI features to your account is a gamechanger, helping take the grunt work out of your hands, so you have more time than ever to focus on what counts most, caring for your clients.

Get to know your newest ally.

Note-taking, handled with AI Voice-To-Text

Say the word, and it’s written

Imagine this: you're in a session, fully focused on your client, and there's no need to worry about jotting down notes. Our AI voice-to-text feature transcribes everything in real-time. It's like having a personal assistant who never misses a word. You get to stay engaged, and the AI does the heavy lifting.

AI knows who’s who

Our tech isn't just smart—it’s genius. With advanced speech recognition and multi-speaker detection, it knows who’s speaking and captures every word accurately. So, whether it’s you or your client talking, the AI gets it right, reducing errors and making sure your notes are spot-on.

Summarised in a snap

Once the session's over, click a button and—voilà! Your transcription is magically turned into draft SOAP notes. Better yet, use AI email summary to generate a concise email summary of your session and send it directly to your client. Less time on paperwork means more time for what truly matters: providing exceptional care to your clients.

Ask your brainy AI sidekick

Short, smart summaries

Ditch the hassle of digging through old notes. Ask AI can pull out the key info from previous sessions, giving you quick summaries so you can stay on top of your game.

Report writing whiz

Need to whip up a report? No problem. Ask AI transforms your data into beautiful, insightful reports. It’s like having a wizard that turns your information into professional documents, letting you focus more on your clients and less on the paperwork.

Down with client data

Want to know something specific about a client? Just ask! Our AI instantly fetches the details and inserts them into your progress notes. It's quick, easy, and super efficient, keeping your records up-to-date and comprehensive.

Ramp up the research

Need a second opinion? Ask AI can help validate your clinical decisions with the latest research and information. It's like having a medical library at your fingertips, helping you make informed choices with ease.

Well said, with your AI Email Assistant

Drafts, done and dusted

Tired of spending ages on emails? Our AI email assistant has got you covered. Just give a brief summary of what you need, and it’ll whip up a draft for you. It’s perfect for creating consistent, professional emails in no time.

Checking your tone

Want to make sure your email hits the right note? Our assistant can scan your draft and suggest tweaks to make it more professional, friendly, or persuasive. Whether you’re writing to a colleague or a client, your emails will always sound just right.

Good with grammar

No more fretting over grammar mistakes. The AI email assistant catches errors and suggests improvements, ensuring your emails are clear, polished, and ready to send. You can write with confidence, knowing your communication is top-notch.

Why wait to make your life easier? Get started with splose AI today and see how it will transform your practice. With these tools, you’ll save time, reduce errors, and get more time back in your hands, to focus on what’s most important — providing exceptional care.

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