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Social Workers, lean on splose

As a social worker, people lean on you during some of life’s most challenging moments. Now, you can lean on splose. This all-in-one platform can help you navigate your admin responsibilities, and ever-evolving regulations, so you can better focus on your client’s needs. From streamlining your workflows, to optimising client engagement, we’ve got your back so you can provide the best care.

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Automation & AI has your back

  • Handy wherever you are
    Deliver seamless social services on the go with splose's mobile-optimised features. Manage your schedule, access client records, and even conduct sessions from anywhere - all while staying in sync with your organisation's systems.
  • Scheduling, handled
    Say goodbye to the headache of manual appointment booking. splose's intelligent scheduling engine automatically matches clients with available social workers, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring timely access to services.
  • Your note taking ally
    Simplify the tedious task of documentation with splose's AI-driven progress notes. Our intelligent assistant seamlessly translates your spoken observations into comprehensive, SOAP-formatted reports. Effortlessly maintain detailed client records and focus on what matters most - providing exceptional social support.
  • Invoices, simplified
    Bid farewell to the time-consuming process of manual invoicing. splose's automated invoicing system tracks your service hours, generates detailed invoices, and secures the necessary approvals - ensuring you get paid promptly without the administrative hassle.
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Empower your social work practice

Get smarter with data

Unlock the power of data to drive your practice's growth. splose's robust reporting suite delivers custom analytics on key performance indicators, client trends, and more - empowering you to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Safe ‘n’ secure

Safeguard sensitive client information with splose's enterprise-grade data security features. Confidently maintain detailed case notes, access records, and documentation - all within a centralised, HIPAA-compliant platform.

splose speaks client

Foster deeper connections with your clients through splose's suite of communication tools. From customisable online intake forms to automated appointment reminders, keep your clients informed, engaged, and empowered throughout their social services journey.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients