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21 May, 2024

Personalise client profiles with new Custom Fields in splose

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3 mins to read

Understanding that every healthcare business is unique splose has launched an incredibly versatile and powerful feature — Custom Fields for client profiles. This latest enhancement allows users to personalise and streamline the information they collect and maintain for each client, ensuring that every data point is relevant and valuable to their specific business needs.

Tailoring client profiles to your practice

Custom Fields give you the power to automate and personalise your workflows. Here's what they offer:

  • Add New Data Fields: Incorporate unique data fields essential to your practice's operations and workflows.
  • Hide Custom Fields: Declutter client profiles by removing unnecessary custom fields.

Key benefits

  • Relevance: Focus on the information most crucial to your practice and clients.
  • Flexibility: Adapt client profiles to changing needs or team specialties.
  • Efficiency: Streamline data collection and retrieval for more productive client interactions.

How it works

Creating a client profile that works for your practice is now more intuitive than ever:

  1. Go to custom field settings in splose.
  2. Add new custom data fields, ranging from unique client identifiers to specific medical history details.
  3. Choose to hide any custom fields that don't apply to your practice's workflow or services.

By customising your client profiles, you can ensure that every piece of information you collect serves a clear purpose and contributes to the high-quality care you provide. Custom Fields can be a game-changer for practices with diverse needs or specialised services, including:

  • Private practices might add unique funding scheme information to a client profile.
  • Paediatric practices may use Custom Fields to add a child’s school to their client profile.
  • All practices may use Custom Fields to add a primary diagnosis or other clinical information to a client profile.

splose's Custom Fields represent more than just a feature — they signify a commitment to providing a truly tailored practice management system. Take control of your client information and redefine what your client profiles can do for your practice.

Are you ready to transform your practice? Learn how to create Custom Fields for your client records via our helpful support article.

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