We're waiving subscription fees to support businesses during COVID-19

The reality is that for most allied health practitioners, it is anything but business as usual.

As a startup, we have felt the effects of COVID-19, but we are fortunate. We have an online product, a team that can work from anywhere in the world and a community to support us.

Unfortunately, many of our customers do not have the same luxury that we do.

To make an impact for practitioners (the very people that devote their lives to care for others) we wanted to tell you that we appreciate you and we are here to support you.

Today, as the Founder of Splose, I’m excited to announce that we are waiving subscription fees for allied health businesses for at least the next three months.

We have been working hard to build new tools and features to support allied health teams during this challenging time and well into the future, including online forms, improvements to online bookings, automated follow-up communication and more.

New and existing customers will have their total subscription fee waived for three months (up to 50 users) by entering the coupon code “GIVE” when signing up or from the dashboard. The coupon code can be redeemed up until 31 October 2020 and is in addition to the free 14-day trial that new customers receive.

On 1 December 2020, we will assess the situation for allied health professionals working under COVID-19 circumstances and determine whether we will continue to waive subscription fees, provide another offer or move to paid subscriptions.

To help clarify this announcement, I've answered some questions you may have.

Why are you doing this?

Some will say it’s a marketing ploy. I get that and I’ve seen it first hand from other companies. We are in a position where we can support allied health professional that do not have the same luxury we do. It is a great opportunity for new customers to experience Splose, save money and help grow their business coming out of this pandemic. With the uncertainty surrounding the economy, we would prefer that our customers use the money towards other immediate needs. While we are in a position to help now, we would naturally hope that new customers find and fall in love with Splose and eventually will be happy to pay our subscription fee and support our development. With more paying customers in the future, we can afford to develop more features that help our customers.

Are you going to start charging customers unexpectedly?

No, a reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy - that goes against everything we believe in. Ideally, we will waive subscription fees for as long as it is sustainable for us to do so, but as you probably know, it’s very costly to maintain quality software (servers, security, software engineers, customer support and more) which means that eventually will resume subscription fees for customers.

What will I be charged after the free trial period?

Pricing is transparent and can be accessed here. You can refer to it at any time and also see your real-time subscription plan from your dashboard. Cancelling is hassle-free and can be done from the dashboard. And no, pricing won't be changing.

Why is a credit card required to sign up if Splose is free for the near future?

Adding a credit card to the sign-up page is a decision we made for two reasons. One, it allows customers to seamlessly continue using Splose when the trial ends. Imagine your client is in the middle of making an online booking and your subscription ends because you don't have a credit card on file! (You client’s online booking would fail, you may lose the customer or cause a bad experience).

Secondly, it prevents people from joining Splose who never really intended on staying and for that reason, we can dedicate our time and resources to support customers who truly intend on using Splose.

I hope that this announcement will provide some support to our customers during the challenging months ahead.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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