Building delightful software for Allied Health Providers: A message from founder Nicholas Sanderson

In 2018, I was finishing university and working behind a supermarket checkout. Retail teaches you an important lesson about innovation: how do you provide great service in the two minutes it takes to scan groceries? With so little time, how do you make an impression that keeps people coming back?

That year, I met a few people that shared my passion for technology and started Splose, a web development company with the mission of creating delightful user experiences.

Our first users were Allied Health providers who wanted to make the jump online. The most common question we heard after building their website was, “Which practice management software should we be using?”.

To our surprise, we found that the practice management software hadn’t moved with our users' needs. Many were spending hundreds of extra hours every year on unnecessary admin. Most systems were initially released over a decade ago - the same time the iPhone 3 came out.

In good conscience, we couldn’t recommend any of them. Allied Health and NDIS providers need the best tools to provide the best standard of healthcare to their clients. So, we decided to build our own.

With perfect timing, Stone & Chalk opened in Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation district, boasting SA’s most workable office and valuable networks. With $40 in the bank, we pitched our vision. Three years and a score of satisfied users later, we’re still here at Stone & Chalk, in the heart of Adelaide’s thriving CBD.

Though we’ve grown quickly, our vision for Splose has remained the same from day one. At its core is a commitment to empower healthcare providers by building software that is delightful to use from point A to Z. We get to know our users and what they want from a future-thinking practice management software.

Start your 14-day free trial here. We can’t wait to show you the difference Splose will make to your practice.

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