100+ exciting new updates you've been waiting for!

After seven months of behind the scenes development and thousands of conversations with users who provided feedback and suggestions, we're thrilled to announce over 100 new updates across Splose!


One of the most significant updates is the new calendar - engineered from the ground up. The top new calendar features include: 

  • Drag-and-drop functionality across locations and practitioners.
  • New time conflict alerts when scheduling recurring appointments.
  • A design optimised for mobile with day, week and month views.
  • New predictive time inputs with the ability to click and select a start and end time.
  • Ability to schedule pricing updates for services.
  • Ability to restore cancelled appointments. 
  • New colourful icons that indicate invoice status, progress note completion, online booking appointment, Telehealth and arrival status.
  • New coloured “busy times” to replace unavailable blocks.


We introduced the client summary page that presents the details you have added in separate sections. What's new?

  • After consulting industry experts and analysing up-to-date resources, we added fields for sex, gender identity, and pronouns.
  • A client under 13 has their age displayed in years and months.
  • We added a new and optional Middle name field.
  • Added a new fax option under phone numbers.
  • A client's preferred name is included in searches and displayed when viewing appointment details.
  • The Save button now sticks to the top of the page for ease of editing client details.

Progress notes

We redesigned the progress note experience from start to finish. We started by developing a new drag-and-drop template builder that allows you to drag question types from left to right, helping you visualise your progress notes. New updates include:

  • A rich-text editor with a range of formatting options like headings, bold, lists and more.
  • We extended the file upload functionality to allow unlimited file attachments.
  • Scroll through all previous progress notes on the right-hand side while writing new progress notes on the left.
  • A redeveloped body chart editor designed with mobile and tablet devices in mind.
  • A New beautiful PDF design when downloading and sending progress notes to clients and contacts.
  • The associated service is displayed in the progress notes table.
  • Ability to sort progress notes by date created and associated service date.


Our new form features unlock more customisations. The top updates include:

  • A new drag-and-drop template builder to visualise forms while you create them.
  • A new statement (text block) field that uses a rich text editor to add read-only text, which is ideal for service agreements and other agreements where clients need to read and accept terms.
  • New fields for sex, gender identity, pronouns, middle name and timezone. These fields are pre-populated into the client details fields once submitted like other client fields.
  • Add a custom image as the form header, or use your logo.


You can now export the Appointments and Finance reports as a CSV with a secure one-time download link sent via email. Date and time columns are separate in the CSV for easy filtering.


We've made several improvements to invoicing:

  • We replaced the auto-save feature with Create/Save functionality to improve performance.
  • We added the ability to reset additional invoice details.
  • A new PDF invoice design.
  • We added a separate payments page when creating invoices.
  • We automatically display Cancelled and Did not arrive tags on invoice item lines based on the appointment status.
  • We implemented a new changelog with additional details, including actions performed on an invoice.
  • We automatically remove invoice items from the invoiced list once they are added.


We've made several improvements for contacts:

  • A new contact summary view.
  • The contacts page displays all associated invoices, payments, letters and cases with clients.
  • Added the ability to merge contacts.
  • Improved display of associated clients in preparation for our upcoming "Associated contacts" feature.


Top letter updates include:

  • A new "view page" to see a realistic preview of Letters before sending.
  • A new PDF design.
  • The signature size is now proportional to the size of the document.


New updates include:

  • A new background file uploader.
  • View a PDF or image directly from the file uploader.
  • Better folder design.
  • Easier to rename files and folders without removing the file extension.
  • New file search feature.
  • Added the ability to sort by file name, date and size.
  • Scroll to the end of the page to show more results.

Online bookings

Improvements include: 

  • Performance improvements.
  • Hide the left-hand business information panel from the booking widget.
  • 75 and 90-minute booking interval settings.

Ability to require an email.

While there are many other improvements released across Splose, we hope the above gives you a good insight into the updates we've been working on over the last seven months.

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