Two-way SMS: Provide personalised customer service with conversational messaging

The future of client communication is conversational

With two-way SMS, you can send and receive SMS messages from your Splose workspace using a dedicated mobile number. Improve efficiency and delight clients by communicating over SMS - a convenient and familiar communication channel. Avoid sending do not reply messages and encourage proactive support by team members.

Need for speed

COVID-19 has introduced new challenges and additional stress for clients. Two-way SMS lets you provide fast support for clients and families by responding to inbound SMS messages from any page in Splose.

Reimagined communication log

The improved communications page now logs all outbound and inbound SMS messages, so you can always refer to the history and see the SMS messages that are delivered, queued, and failed.

Subscribe to two-way SMS today as an add-on for AUD 9.00 per month (excluding GST). Get started in seconds.

Watch a video and read the help guide.

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