Introducing Products with automated stock management

Introducing our incredible Products feature! Add all of the products that your business sells across multiple locations and track the stock for different options and variants! Explore the top product features:

Create product variants

Use product variants and options to sell products that contain different attributes, like products with different sizes and colours.

Manage stock

Set the stock amounts for specific locations. When invoicing, you can only add products available at a specific location.

Track stock

Splose offers automated stock tracking! Simply select "Track stock" and enter the initial item stock. When a product gets added to an invoice, the product stock will be automatically updated. Plus, when a product is out of stock, you won't be able to add it to any new invoices (unless you decide to stop tracking the product stock).

Sync to Xero

Product invoice items sync with your Xero account, sending across the default account, tax rate and amount.

Support guides

Set up and manage products

Add products to invoices to sell them

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