Personalise email Communications with the new Email Signature feature

Exciting news! Our new Email Signature feature is now live! Email signatures allow you to create a personalised signature for different email templates, such as progress note emails, and save time while maintaining consistency. Your email signature can help make your emails stand out and impress your clients with more professional communications.

Customise with Placeholders and Logo

Our new feature allows businesses to create an Email Signature template that can be customised with placeholders to include a business logo, business name, and user details including professional title and phone number, thus providing a more personalised touch to email communication, while keeping it uniform and professional.

This feature is an excellent tool for practitioners when sending progress notes and forms as it helps build a more personal relationship with their clients and contacts.

Our Email Signature editor is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Businesses can create a customised Email Signature in just a few minutes!

Adding your Email Signature to email templates

An email signature is displayed by adding it to email templates, including progress notes and forms, which is particularly handy if you want the recipient to know who to contact. This paired with the customisable reply-to functionality means email responses are always directed to the right team member.

By eliminating the cumbersome process of adding a logo to every template and user details to each individual email sent out, it saves time and effort; guaranteeing that all communications are uniform and professional. By being able to customise email signature templates more effectively, users can confidently send out emails that are more uniform and professional.

This new feature can increase the chances of successful correspondence, whether it's getting a response to an inquiry or fostering better rapport with contacts and clients after providing services.

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