New user groups feature transforms reporting and waitlist triage

We recently launched a new feature - User Groups - designed to help providers manage their teams more effectively. This new feature empowers providers to group individuals based on their discipline or role, enabling them to streamline their workflows and speedily pull up reports for a group. Additionally, when adding clients to the waitlist, providers can specify which user group a client is waiting for, making the waitlist triage process more seamless and accurate.

User group reporting

One of the most exciting new features of User Groups is that you can now filter reports by discipline or role to easily track performance and productivity. This feature allows you to easily see which of your team members in the same group are performing well and where there are areas for improvement. You can use this information to make informed decisions about staffing and training needs, which can ultimately lead to better client outcomes.

Not only can you create groups for practitioners, but also for admin users, including groups for client onboarding teams, customer experience and operations.

Improved waitlist triage

In addition to this, another great feature of User Groups is the ability to use them on the waitlist. In the past, providers had to select "Any practitioner" or a single practitioner when adding a client to the waitlist. Now, with User Groups, providers can specify that a client is waiting for a specific user group, such as "Speech Pathologists", or "Lead Physiotherapists". All previous waitlist clients can be updated to a new user group.

The waitlist feature, in particular, is a game-changer for Allied Health & NDIS providers. By enabling clients to specify their needs and preferences, providers can gain valuable insights into their client's needs and provide tailored care. This can significantly enhance the overall client experience and improve the quality of care provided.

Creating a new User Group is simple, and you can easily add individuals to a group from their profile page or bulk add multiple users at once from the User Groups settings.

Overall, Splose's new User Groups feature is a valuable addition, helping users to improve their workflows, manage their teams and clients more efficiently, and ultimately provide better care.

Coming soon

Calendar filters - Filter the calendar by user group and navigate your team's schedule even faster.

Case alerts - Automatically send email notifications to user groups when a case is set to expire.

🔑 The User groups settings page can be enabled by the account owner.

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