The wait is over. The Waitlist is here.

The Waitlist you've been waiting for

The Waitlist can be accessed from your Splose workspace. The waitlist has many exciting features!

  • Search and filter clients based on tags, availability, preferred practitioner and more.
  • Find and support clients in similar areas with the map view
  • Automatically see waitlist matches from the calendar

Map view

Map view helps you plan your travel routes and maximise your time. It also displays clients based on the waitlist filters applied! For example, if you want to filter out clients waiting for Speech Pathology and tagged as high priority, you'll only see those clients on the map. This is really helpful if you're looking to support clients with similar needs.

The map view helps you save time on travel, optimise your schedule and support more clients!

Set up and manage the Waitlist

When you add a client to the Waitlist, you can select the preferred services, locations, practitioners, and preferred days and times for an appointment or support activity. With tags, you can categorise and filter clients based on the default waitlist tags for high, medium, and low priority, or create your own tags to use! From the Waitlist, you can send an email or SMS to follow up on availability and keep clients informed. Since the clients' record already exists in your workspace, you can fast-track onboarding by sending intake forms and service agreements.

Waitlist matches

Take advantage of Waitlist automation! When you create an appointment or support activity from the calendar, Splose will indicate if clients on your Waitlist are available during the selected time as Waitlist matches. It also sorts clients by the longest wait time, so you can prioritise as needed. When you match a client from the Waitlist, they will be automatically moved from the Active list to Closed list, so you know they have been onboarded. Should a client's circumstances or preferences change, you can update their Waitlist details, and all updates will be recorded in the changelog.

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