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Customer stories
4 Apr, 2024

splose, the progressive software Optimum Healthcare needed for their community-based practice

Peter, Physiotherapist at The Optimum Healthcare
Jane Jongen
4 mins to read

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Hi, I'm Peter, and I'm the Servicing Manager for Optimum Healthcare, an Allied Health company in Melbourne, Victoria.

Currently we have two offices, but the most majority of our work is actually out seeing clients each and every day in their home.

Before when we were with another provider —another practice management software— we just found that they were just too old school. They just didn't quite work for our practice.

Because of that, we needed to find a software that was a lot more progressive and understood how we practised in the new space. splose came out on top with all the features that really ticked a lot of our boxes that we had set out to achieve.

Being a community-based practice, we are on the road quite a lot. So travel is a big component of what we do each and every day. And beforehand, that used to be a real nightmare to be able to reconcile and add it to the calendar. But with splose, it's been a real breeze. We can just add in or adjust any travel that is done with the appointments. And then again, that automatically gets picked up when we do invoicing so there's no double manual handling at all.

Service agreements used to be a headache. We would typically have to print it out, bring it to the appointment, have it signed. However now with our admin team, they can generate all of that beforehand, and send it out to the clients. So the clinicians can just focus on what they do best, which is looking after the clients.

We're definitely looking to grow and expand our service offerings to help as many people as possible. So really for us, this is just the beginning. We're confident that splose will be able to help us scale out.

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