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Customer stories
22 Mar, 2024

Transforming healthcare operations: a journey with Fortify Health Group

Lisa - Operational Director, Fortify Health Group
Jane Jongen
4 mins to read

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Industry: Multidisciplinary (support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching therapeutic supports, multicultural mental health, psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy)
Team size: 40

The practice

In December 2022, Lisa Carvalho and Dr. Etienne Roux embarked on a mission to revolutionise healthcare services with the establishment of Fortify Health Group in Brisbane, Queensland. Their vision was clear: to specialise in resolving complexity in health, wellbeing and disability, while upholding core values and prioritising participant-centric care.

From working in the sector for my entire career, it was very clear that there were systematic barriers, so it was critical for us to create an organisation where we are in the driving seat and able to help contribute to resolving complexity within healthcare and challenge the status quo.

The challenge

Operating in the Allied Health sector presented numerous challenges for Fortify Health Group. Lisa reflected on the fragmented systems and manual processes that hindered efficiencies and communication within their practice. The absence of integrated solutions for scheduling, invoicing, and client management highlighted the need for a transformative approach to help meet their vision.

Prior to using splose, it was quite a mess. We had multiple different software systems and spreadsheets. When it came to end-of-month and quarterly reports, you just sat in for the ride and cringed because you were waiting on multiple reports, trying to find answers. It was hard, time-consuming, and cross-checking was a headache.

Given the demand for services and practitioner’s busy schedules, it was common for communications to just simply get missed, without an all-in-one collaboration platform. There were further difficulties encountered with maintaining service agreements, which were manually processed through Word documents and then individually signed daily.

Splose 010250

Our previous practice management software didn’t have service agreements built in. We used to post service agreements out to clients, or create them on Word and print them out before a face-to-face meeting. They would sign it, then I would have to sign it (either in ink, or virtually), before uploading or scanned through a PDF reader and uploaded. Any way you look at it, it was time consuming.

The solution

Tired of accepting the status quo, the Fortify Health Group team spent months searching for a CRM solution that catered to their needs. However, they found it challenging to find software tailored for specific NDIS and Allied Health needs without sacrificing essential functions.

Then, Dr. Roux introduced splose to Lisa, which offered all the features they needed – and all in one system.

Embeddable forms, the waitlist and triage, NDIS bulk upload and batch invoicing are some of the key features that have saved us hours in administration each week. Plus, the system is so user friendly which makes things so much easier.

The implementation

Migrating to splose marked a significant turning point for Fortify Health Group. The transition was seamless, thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the splose team. With splose integrated into their operations, Fortify Health Group experienced newfound efficiency in administrative tasks, empowering their team to focus on delivering exceptional care.

This transition resulted in tangible benefits such as unprecedented growth, streamlined invoicing processes, and improved communication, leading to better client outcomes and financial stability.

Splose 010222

We were really appreciative to know that splose was there, and any questions that we had were answered. But splose is so easy-to-use and intuitive, meaning there was a lot that we could do ourselves by exploring on our own.

The results

Fortify Health Group saw exceptional growth, doubling its team from 22 to 44 within 18 months with splose. This streamlined their administrative tasks, improved financial tracking, and facilitated the consolidation of previous software.

Leveraging splose's features saved significant time, enhanced team coordination, and instilled confidence in onboarding new practices. With a 70% team growth and the ability to acquire another practice, Fortify Health Group's success highlights splose's transformative impact on healthcare operations.

splose gave Fortify Health Group team the confidence to grow, and they soon went into partnership with NDIS practice CoordiKids. Ultimately, Lisa emphasised the importance of streamlined embeddable referral forms, and the significant administrative load it has reduced.

splose gave us the confidence to bring on a new practice in November 2023. When we originally joined forces, they were using a different software, though we made an easy decision to move over to splose because of the confidence we have in the platform, and how seamless it makes our daily processes.

The future

Looking ahead, Lisa envisions further evolution in practice management software, emphasising the importance of integrations and advancements – particularly in AI. She anticipates AI-driven solutions like AI voice-to-text to enhance efficiency, all the while maintaining a human-centric approach to care. Additionally, she believes that AI can be a useful tool for the future, as long as privacy and client protection remain at the forefront of its design.

The final note

Lisa offers valuable advice for practices considering splose, highlighting its intuitive design and commitment to continuous improvement. She positions Fortify Health Group as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the healthcare landscape, pioneering advancements in healthcare technology and reshaping the delivery of healthcare.

Splose 0111237

When looking at splose, it’s really clean, it’s visually appealing, it’s easy to use. I’m yet to find another software that comes close to splose. It’s just really clever, and is constantly improving and listening to feedback from the sector to incorporate.

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