Design a wonderful online bookings page with your brand's look and feel

Your online bookings page is often the first interaction new clients have with your business and a process existing clients must get familiarised with. Clunky booking systems that are not well-thought-out (and there's plenty of em') can overwhelm and confuse clients (who are often in pain, distress or vulnerable).

That's why you should choose a booking system that is easy to set up, easy for clients, takes the least number of steps to collect required information, collects consent to your privacy policy, displays important notices and has the look and feel of your brand. Having a wonderfully designed online bookings page shows clients that you care deeply about their experience.

With Splose, your online bookings page is an extension of your brand and helps you collect important information about your clients and their upcoming appointments. Plus, because we build the practice management side and CRM, client data is completely handled within one system, so there's no double-handling of information.

In this post, we will cover the top features of our online bookings and show you why allied health teams and their clients love using it!

Top online booking features

Select services that are available for online booking

You can decide exactly which services are offered on your online bookings page by going Settings > Services. It's good to mention that at any time you can turn services on/off on online bookings with just a click!

Offer online bookings at multiple locations

Allow clients to book appointments at all locations you provide services. Clients can see your location on a map and view any facilities that your location offers, helping people with accessibility needs identity the suitability of your premises. If you work remotely or visit clients, you can choose to hide your address from your online bookings page.

Add you terms, privacy policy and cancellation policy

You can add terms and cancellation policy to your online booking page and ask clients to read and acknowledge before making a booking. You can even use the text box provided to create a list of individual terms, making it easier for clients to read.

By adding a link to your privacy policy on your online bookings page, clients will have to accept it by checking an “I accept” checkbox at the final stage of making a booking. If the client does not accept, they will not be able to complete their booking. Clicking the privacy policy link will open up your website link in a new tab for clients to read without disrupting their position in online bookings. When a client accepts your privacy policy, the client’s privacy policy consent section will be updated to show that they have accepted your privacy policy. 

Require your client’s address

If you work remotely and visit clients or wish to request information ahead of time, you can require clients to provide an address before confirming a booking. When a client provides an address and completes their booking, it will automatically update the address in the client details section.

Customise online booking colours

Your online booking page is an extension of your brand, which makes it all the more important to be able to customise it with your logo and colours so that clients still feel like they are dealing with your business. Most practice management systems force you to use the colours and branding that suits their brand so that you help market their products. With Splose, we give you complete customisation so that every client interaction feels unique to your business. In your settings, you can choose a primary colour, secondary colour and secondary dark colour.

Add your logo

If you have added a logo for your business, then Splose will show this in your online bookings page.

Help clients remember their details for next time

To save clients repeating their details every time they make a booking, Splose provides an option “Remember my details for next time” which will pre-fill their details upon the next visit to your online bookings page.

Lead time

Set the amount of notice your business requires for appointments to be made through online bookings.

How far in advance clients can book online

Determine how far in advance your clients can make a booking. Setting a short time in advance may give the impression that you are booked out whereas giving clients the ability to book well in advance may help clients find their ideal time and complete the booking.

Display an important notice to clients

Show a message at the top of your online bookings page when you need to inform clients about something important.

Disabled online booking notice

You can turn off online bookings and display a message to clients.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Your online bookings process is wonderful for clients regardless of the device they use and works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Online bookings have all the features you need to give your clients the best possible experience. Upon signing up, your online bookings page is already created and is ready to be used! Just copy and paste and publish to your website and social media.

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