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Industry news
23 Jan, 2024

splose and Stripe team up to provide seamless payment integration for allied health practices

The Handover Splose X Stripe
4 mins to read

SYDNEY – splose announces today its official integration with Stripe, to empower Allied Health and NDIS providers with an innovative solution that will streamline and simplify practice management. With this integration, splose users can save time and improve customer experience by taking advantage of Stripe Terminal for online and in-person payments, attaching credit card details to client records, and sending invoices fast with a Pay Now button.

splose's integration with Stripe is expected to transform the healthcare industry (200,000 registered Allied Health professionals in Australia) by equipping Allied Health and NDIS providers with innovative solutions to streamline their administrative tasks and improve payment transaction time. The integrated solution is expected to save up to 10 admin hours for practitioners each week, which translates to up to three weeks a year. In its early stages of integration, splose's integration with Stripe has already resulted in over 13,000 transactions totalling $3,000,000 processed by healthcare providers.

“splose streamlines NDIS, automates admin and helps practices grow” said Nicholas Sanderson, founder of Australian Allied Health practice management software splose. "We’re excited about Stripe's new terminal feature as it will allow our practices to integrate payments directly into our platform which further streamlines their processes and builds efficiency… giving them more time for client care”.

splose uses Stripe for the majority of credit card transactions, online booking payments, and invoicing through a Pay Now button on the website. With the new integration of Stripe Terminal, splose users will be able to process payments in person, providing even more convenience for their clients.

"Stripe was a great choice for us because of its ease of integration with the platform, abilities for scale and strong ongoing support," said Sanderson.

By providing access to Stripe Terminal, splose users can now process payments in person, providing even more convenience for their clients. This feature will be particularly useful for providers who offer services in person, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

“Businesses have told us that they want more streamlined, secure and simple solutions that will enable them to improve customer experience in-store and online, and reduce time spent on revenue reconciliation,” said Karl Durrance, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Stripe. “We are delighted to help splose and their users unlock the power of unified commerce with Stripe Terminal.”

In addition to Stripe Terminal, the integration with Stripe will enable providers to save a credit card to a client record, resulting in seamless and secure payments processing, removing the need to ask clients for credit card details every time a payment is made. Providers will also benefit from the ability to send an invoice quickly with a simple Pay Now button. This feature will enable providers to invoice their clients quickly and easily, without having to worry about payment delays.

"splose's integration with Stripe is another step towards revolutionising the healthcare industry," said Sanderson. "It’s great to be working with Stripe to provide providers with the tools they need to streamline administrative tasks and focus on providing the best care to their clients."

The integration with Stripe is now live, and splose users can take advantage of these new features from their workspace. For more information on splose and Stripe's integration, send our team a message using the help chat in the bottom right.

About splose:

Founded by Nicholas Sanderson in 2018, splose is a Practice Management Software that helps Allied Health & NDIS providers save 7-10 hours per week in admin time. splose's mission is to provide healthcare providers with an innovative solution to streamline their administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on providing the best care to their clients.

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