Reimagining the way you work: Provider travel, appointments and support activities

Reimagining the way you work

Over the past months, we met with hundreds of new customers who shared the daily challenges with managing and invoicing appointments, non-face-to-face services and travel. We imagined a calendar experience where providers can seamlessly create all billable client activities from a single calendar.

We are excited to share that the calendar is now your all-in-one place for creating:

  • Face-to-face services (Appointments)
  • Provider travel
  • Non-face-to-face services (Support activities)


Appointments are face-to-face services such as Telehealth sessions or assessment consultations and have confirmations and reminders attached. You can set up services at a fixed price or select the all-new price per hour option. When an appointment is scheduled from the calendar and invoiced, the unit quantity will be automatically updated based on the duration. For example, if a service is $193.99 per hour and the session duration is one and a half hours, the invoice will read $193.99 x 1.5 hours = $290.99.

Cancelled appointments on the calendar

You can now keep cancelled appointments in the calendar and toggle on/off cancellations when you need to see available times.

Provider travel

You can now enable provider travel for mobile appointments and set an item code and hourly rate. Enter the travel time to and from the appointment location when scheduling from the calendar. You can also add provider travel - non-labour costs and activity-based transport support items. Provider travel is added automatically as an invoice item line along with the appointment invoice item line.

Support activities

Support activities are non-face-to-face services such as report writing and billable client communications. Create progress reports and NDIA-requested reports as support activities to keep track of non-face-to-face billable activities.

Simplified invoicing

Create beautiful invoices with all support services delivered to clients. Include details like NDIS number and effortlessly send to self-managed and plan-managed participants.

Check out the help guide and video to learn more.

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