Embeddable Referral Forms and Waitlist Screener - Revolutionise Client Intake

More exciting developments at Splose! Introducing two powerful features, Embeddable Referral Forms and the Waitlist Screener, set to revolutionise how healthcare organisations handle new client intakes. These features allow you to automate and streamline your administrative processes like never before.

Embeddable Referral Forms: Seamless Integration for Your Website

Embeddable Referral Forms allow you to create and place customised referral forms directly onto your practice's website. This seamless integration means referrals submitted on your website will forms will directly populate data within your Splose system. Say goodbye to the tedious task of data entry and hello to even more automation powered by Splose!

Key Benefits of Embeddable Forms:

  • Streamlined Data Collection: Referrals submitted through your website flow automatically into Splose and are reviewed in the Waitlist Screener.
  • Customised Client Journey: Automatically apply client and waitlist tags for efficient categorisation.

The Waitlist Screener: Streamline Your Client Intake

Welcome to the Waitlist Screener, the central hub for all submitted referrals. This innovative feature acts as a control centre, empowering your team to efficiently screen, process, and manage new referrals.

Key Benefits of Waitlist Screener:

  • Centralised Processing: Manage all referrals in one place.
  • Prioritisation Made Easy: Quickly identify and prioritise new clients.
  • Reduced Administrative Load: Free up your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

The introduction of Embeddable Referral Forms and the Waitlist Screener is set to make a significant impact on how practices engage with new and prospective clients. By reducing manual tasks, your team gains more time to deliver high-quality care and expand your practice.

Integrate these features into your workflow and witness a transformation in your client onboarding experience. With Splose, you’re not just adopting new features but embracing a new era of practice management efficiency.

Ready to take the next step? Watch our demo or start your free 14-day trial today and unlock a world of possibilities.

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