New Case features: Track by hours, budget & appointments, forecast expenditure, and see real-time charts

Cases allow you to track allocated hours, budget and appointments for NDIS plans, Medicare plans, class passes, and more - if you’re not using them already, you should be! We’ve made noteworthy updates to help you maximise your client’s funding.

Firstly, you can now choose how to track a Case. Previously, Cases could be tracked by budget and appointments only. Now, you can choose to measure Cases by Hours as well, giving you more choice and control over how you track client funding.

There are new options to include or exclude cancellations and did not arrive appointments from a case. With this option, you can count cancellations and no-shows in the case, or let clients reschedule without affecting their funding.

Secondly, you can now see the total forecasted hours, budget and appointments for any case under the Allocated heading. This is calculated based on future appointments and support activities added to your calendar and also factors in provider travel, non-labour costs and activity-based transport.

Previously, Splose only allowed you to track your budget based on the invoiced activities for that particular case. Now, you can more accurately predict the case funding for the duration of the case even if you haven’t issued an invoice.

We've introduced a helpful new chart feature in every client's case. This allows you to see the funding breakdown at a glance with options to filter by service and service type, as well as the allocated amount compared to the invoiced amount.

Check out our quick how-to guide to get started.

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