Delightful new form features: Schedule of Supports, Pre-fill details and Save & Continue

Schedule of Supports

Splose now saves you even more time building forms. You can now create a Schedule of Supports directly in your service agreements by using the new calculation field.

Simply add your services, support descriptions, hours, and rates, then customise according to each client's needs.

Our all-new Template Library includes a default template for you to start with, and modify to meet your needs and your client's.

Pre-fill client details

Save clients the effort - Splose also now gives you the option to pre-fill client details you've already collected to intake forms and service agreements. Allowing you to easily prepare documents for acknowledgement and signatures.

Save & Continue

Clients can now save their progress when completing a form and come back to it later. Practitioners can review their clients' progress, help them troubleshoot problems, and digitally sign the form together.

Form status

The status is now displayed next to forms indicating if they are incomplete, in progress, or completed.

Separating the NDIS fields

NDIS fields (NDIS number, fund management, diagnosis, and nominee) are now separated, allowing for more customisation on forms.

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