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Practice management for healthcare professionals, handled

In today's dynamic world of healthcare, professionals from every healthcare discipline need a practice management system that's equipped to handle their diverse needs. splose offers just that – a user-friendly platform with AI capabilities, advanced automations and customisations that are tailored to the unique needs of healthcare professionals, regardless of their specialty.

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Easy breezy scheduling

splose is the healthcare practice management software that’s so intuitive it just ‘gets’ scheduling. It makes everything booking and rescheduling, to managing appointments a breeze, which all adds up to a smoother experience for staff and clients.

Practice Management Calendar and Scheduling 01
Sending Batch invoice
Save changes
Sending Batch invoice
AI Automation Splose AI 01

Your clinical documentation ally

Co-write it with splose AI. splose AI features assist healthcare professionals in writing progress notes, reports, and emails, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in clinical documentation, crucial for healthcare practices.

splose AI

Payments, sorted

splose’s powerful batch invoicing feature streamlines invoicing workflows and saves healthcare businesses time. It works hand-in-hand with Xero, enabling simple reconciliation of payments, accurate debtor management and automated invoice reminders ensure consistent cash flow and advanced reporting supports sound financial management decisions.

Sending Batch invoice
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Sending Batch invoice
AI Automation Waitlist and triage 02

Smooth client intake

Embeddable online referral forms streamline client intake and saves time by reducing manual data entry for healthcare businesses. The waitlist allows healthcare businesses to screen new referrals and clients and efficiently manage waitlists to optimise their operational efficiency.

Waitlist & Triaging

More growth in sight

splose’s comprehensive and customisable advanced reports and API integrations, with the likes of Google Data Studio and Power BI enable healthcare businesses to grow.

With access to in-depth analytics and seamless data management, be empowered to make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of healthcare.

Reporting API Overview Page 04

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients