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Practice management for rehabilitation service providers, handled.

You help people get back to doing what’s most important to them, and now splose can help you and your practice do the same. Rehabilitation services bring unique challenges and responsibilities for service providers. splose AI empowers your practice to run smoother than ever through savvy integrations and smart client management.

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Sending Batch invoice
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Sending Batch invoice
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Easy as ACC

splose can work hand-in-hand with the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation), making submitting and processing injury claims a breeze. Handle it all from directly within splose, and save loads of time on admin through automated data entry and cross-checking capabilities.

Client management, simplified

Client relationship management? No sweat. With centralised access to your client records, treatment plans and progress notes, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Scheduling is a breeze with handy appointment management tools. Keep tabs on everything with tailored client records, designed to support practices offering rehabilitation services from physio right through to psychology. Best of all - your data is all safe and secure.

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Sending Batch invoice
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Sending Batch invoice
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All over collaboration

Whether you’re scheduling it or sharing it, working hand-in-hand, or handing it over splose’s collaboration tools can flex across multiple disciplines. When it comes to helping multidisciplinary teams collaborate, splose can carry the team, and juggle the complexities of scheduling a diverse range of specialists. Everything you need is in one place, making providing comprehensive rehabilitation programs to clients a breeze.

Exercises, no sweat

With integrations like Physitrack available at your fingertips, practitioners can provide clients with personalised exercise programs complete with pictures, videos and explanations with ease. Stay on top of client progress, and get real-time feedback on how the exercises are going.

Super data savvy

Dive a little deeper and gain valuable insights into your practice, through splose’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Whether it’s staying on top of client outcomes, and treatments on an individual level, or finding areas for improvement on a practice level, splose can help you make informed decisions about your practice.

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Spend less time on admin and more time with clients