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Meet your new writing ally

Beautiful reports that write themselves? Yes please. If it’s written, splose’s savvy AI has a handle on it. Boost the way your practice works, with splose’s revolutionary AI on the team. It’s here to help you dictate notes, write reports, progress notes and do so much more, more efficiently than ever. Our voice-to-text feature can take notes, then finesse a transcript into report ready writing. Helpful summarisation tools are at hand to capture the essence of sessions, pull out insights, and make you more efficient than ever.

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Practice Management Progress Notes 01

Say it, and your reports are done

Please note, this feature is currently only available via request. Get in touch with our team to get up and running.

  • splose AI transcribes recordings, and automatically gets them report-ready
  • Smart voice-to-text: record your session with real-time transcription with advanced unique speaker detection
  • Use AI summarise to convert your conversation into SOAP note format including: date, session details, tense, and eliminating irrelevant conversation details
  • Pause and re-play your recording, to resume at any time
Practice Management Progress Notes 02

Enhance your progress note workflow

Effortlessly build comprehensive progress notes using a customisable interface while seamlessly reviewing previous notes side-by-side. Plus, make the most of auto-saving and professional PDF delivery for secure and polished communications from start-to-finish.

Progress notes builder

Support to write it how you need it. Leverage the power of a rich text editor, checkboxes, multiple-choice options, file uploads, signatures, body charts, yes/no prompts, and scales for comprehensive and detailed progress notes.

Effortless review with previous notes

Compare notes side-by-side, as you write. Write your new progress notes on the left while seamlessly scrolling through previous ones on the right, ensuring a holistic view of client history.


We’ve got your back. Rest easy knowing your hard work is always secure with the auto-saving feature, preventing any loss of data.

Professional PDF delivery

Easily present progress notes in highly professional and polished PDF format, ready to share with clients and contacts.

Spend less time on admin and more time with clients