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19 Jun, 2024

Claim management, it's easy as ACC

The Handover ACC Integration Launch
Jane Jongen
5 mins to read

Managing your ACC claims and invoicing can be complicated, adding piles of admin to your workload. That's where splose comes in – consider your ACC claims handled with our comprehensive practice management platform with ACC integration. It’s a seamless, hands-off ACC claim process running in the background, giving you more time to focus on providing the best care to your clients.

Hands-off ACC processing

splose simplifies ACC claim management with its intuitive features. Our ACC integration allows you to effortlessly submit new injury claims, batch invoice ACC claims, and reconcile payments all from within splose.

With splose, you can pre-fill new injury claims with automated client data, lodging claims quickly, thereby eliminating paperwork and unnecessary time.

Submit in a snap

  • Forget double-handling data. Create and submit your ACC forms directly from splose, saving you more time with less room for error.

  • Speed up the process using pre-populated client information and treatment details.

  • With real-time updates on claim status, you’ll spend less time following up with ACC.

Streamlined Invoicing and Payments

  • Invoice in bulk to save a bunch of time. Splose automates the invoicing process, generating ACC invoices in bulk.

  • Track outstanding payments and outstanding claims to keep a healthy cash flow.

  • Reconcile with ease. No more clunky and confusing software. Let Splose automate it for you.

Real-time ACC Management

  • Keep your claims in check and access detailed information on your ACC claims, including submission volume, claim status, and payment status.

  • Easily access types of ACC claims to identify trends in client triaging.

  • Need details in a flash? Streamline the preparation of any ACC requested information with easily accessible data.

Empower your Allied Health practice

splose takes a bit off your hands by automating your ACC management so you’re empowered to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care to your clients. With our platform, you can:

  • Streamline your administrative tasks and free up valuable time to devote to client care.

  • Ensure timely ACC payments and maintain a healthy financial standing for your practice.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest ACC requirements and avoid costly errors or delays.

  • Data-driven insights can help you identify opportunities and make informed decisions about your practice.

What's to come

Our commitment to the ACC means we're always working on new features to make your experience even better. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming up:

  • ACC32 lodgement: Complete your ACC32s directly from splose in a flash.
  • Invoicing for the Allied Health contract: Enable contract-type billing within your practice for the Allied Health contract service codes.
  • ICP integration: Seamlessly integrate Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) capabilities into splose, enhancing your ability to manage injuries.
  • Sensitive claims billing: Allow for the capability to invoice ACC for sensitive claims billing.
  • HealthLink integration: Connect with HealthLink to streamline communication with other healthcare providers, improving referral processes and information sharing.

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