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10 Jul, 2024

The AI revolution: What the rise of AI means for Allied Health professionals

SPLOSE023 AI in Allied Health E Book Website Image ƒ
Jane Jongen
12 mins to read

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Allied Health is on the brink of a big transformation, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Even though AI has incredible potential, it's still not widely used in this field. This opens up a huge opportunity to boost client outcomes and make practitioners' workflows smoother. By automating tasks and analysing large amounts of data, AI can save time, cut down on administrative costs, and let practitioners spend more time with clients.

At splose, we're all about using automation and generative AI to shake up Allied Health. Our eBook, based on the latest industry research and customer surveys, is here to help you stay ahead of the curve, delivering top-notch client care and optimising your practice.

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