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4 Apr, 2024

Scaling success: how splose empowered Hide & Speech to flourish

SIM SPLOSE 2024 03 MAR 13 0172
Jane Jongen
4 mins to read

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My name is Carmen.

I'm a Paediatric Speech Pathologist at Hide and Speech.

Our mission was to create a space where kids can learn and grow and provide neuro affirming and inclusive services.

We have grown from a team of two to 37 and throughout that process, splose has kept up with our incredible growth. It's very seamless and we haven't had to put any extra effort from an administrative side of things as well. It's been fantastic.

We tried quite a few practice management softwares before we settled on splose. We tried a lot of the big ones, though in the Allied Health forums everyone recommended splose, so we were really interested. We had a look at it and we love that it is tailored for Allied Health and it's an Australian company with real human support.

We really love the ability to schedule rooms and clients and the ability to use [splose] across both campuses.

We love the clinical side of splose. The session notes and the reports and all of that Clinical admin is really easy to use, and my partner Krista often raves about the Xero integration, and how seamlessly it goes into our accounting software.

More recently, we onboarded a brand new staff member and she actually told us how seamless splose was. We love the fact that we don't actually have to train our staff to use splose. We give them a login, we show them how to get to the homepage, and from there they're able to do their client notes.

Our admin team are able to know how to book appointments, they're able to invoice receipt, they can move things around, and we love that it’s I guess, foolproof.

You don't have to teach it.

splose gave us the confidence to open our second location. Although the number of staff members that we're managing and our client caseload has increased, our workload hasn't from an administrative side with all of the automations that are available.

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