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Add a pay now button to invoices and sell gift cards online with Stripe and Splose.

About Stripe

Stripe provides online payment processing for businesses, giving customers a simple way to pay online. With Stripe, you only pay for what you use. There’s no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. Get paid faster with Stripe. Sign up with Stripe from the Stripe website or directly from Splose.

About the integration

Connect Stripe to sell gift vouchers online and let clients and contacts pay invoices online.

Add a ‘Pay now’ button to invoices

Create professional and branded invoices in Splose and add a ‘Pay now’ button so that clients and contacts can securely and conveniently pay with credit card online. Your invoice in Splose will be automatically marked as paid upon success. The ‘Open in Stripe’ feature lets you open up the transaction directly from the payment in Splose. When Xero is connected, the invoice payment will sync automatically.

Sell gift vouchers online
  • Sell gift vouchers online and unlock a new revenue stream with Stripe and Splose. Select from a range of stunning gift voucher designs or upload a custom design.
  • Clients can purchase vouchers for themselves or send it as a gift to a friend along with a special message.
  • Clients can conveniently and securely pay online 24/7 with a credit card.
  • Once paid, an invoice for the gift voucher will automatically be created and marked as paid.
  • The ‘Open in Stripe’ feature lets you open up the transaction directly from the payment in Splose.
  • If Xero is connected, the invoice and payment will be synced, ready for reconciliation.

Stripe’s standard payment processing fees apply to successful payments plus a 0.75% Splose platform fee.

Help Guide

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