Understanding the Social Media World

In the 21st Century, how you appear online is as, if not more important than how you appear in real life! Customers and visitors to you brand discover (and judge) you before they even interact your brand or decide to purchase your products. That’s why it’s important you get your message across properly online! It’s the digital age (One of the most exciting and opportunistic ages yet) and splose is here to help you make the most of it!

What is Social Community Management?

As a Social Community Manager, Splose looks after your entire online and social presence. We successfully get the message/look/feel that you want to deliver to customers, visitors and fans online. After years of perfecting Instagram algorithms, we deliver exceptional results in brand strength and create extremely creative and shareable content across Instagram and Facebook. 

Services we offer

Why you need Splose to manage your

More people are discovering brands, places to eat, things to do, activities and local businesses through their friends and what they share on Facebook. It is important, to not only have a presence on Facebook for your brand but also a thriving community where visitors, customers and fans can come to interact with you, share their experience, provide valuable feedback as well as share your brands posts and offerings to their friends.

We’ll verify your Facebook page so that a Verified Badgeappears next to your brand resulting in your Facebook page appearing higher in search results. ABadge tells visitors and customers your Page is the Official Page for your brand on Facebook.

We create engaging posts each week that are optimised for your Facebook audience. It is important to create content that works for Facebook rather than copy/pasting identical content from other social media platforms. 

We interact with people who like and comment on your page and respond to questions and queries. Engaging with the community creates loyal customers, provides a more intimate experience and increases the likeliness of them sharing your content and telling their friends.


Why you need Splose to manage your

Instagram is the present and future platform for discovery. It’s the go-to platform to learn about a brand, see what they’re up to and an intimate way for people to connect with your brand. Instagram is a way to reach people instantly and a way to create a unique experience for your customers and followers. 

We use algorithms that have been perfected over years of testing to bring your target audience to your brand. This results in your ideal audience interacting with you by liking and commenting on your posts/stories, direct messaging you and following your account.

We monitor your account for people who like, tag or use the hashtag for your brand. We individually respond to comments and messages as Instagram rewards brands who are active in the community by showing your content to more people.

We keep up with the latest features such as stories, polls, stickers and posts to share your content to as many people as possible. When Instagram rolls out new features, they are more likely to show your content as they want people using and testing what they’ve created. This creates an opportunity to increase the reach to your audience organically.

Why you need Splose to manage your

TripAdvisor is the world’s most valued community for places to eat, things to do and places to stay.

We can provide your brand greater exposure on one of the largest travel review websites in the world. Our goal and strategy is to help you get to #1 on TripAdvisor so you are the choice for all members!

People believe reviews more than they believe or trust commercial advertising. We will help generate regular positive reviews.

We closely monitor all feedback and reviews, manage and deal with any negative reviews immediately and follow up good feedback to appreciate positive reviews.

We’ll help your business obtain a certificate of excellence on TripAdvisor, which shows customers and members you are commited to offering outstanding service.

We verify your business with TripAdvisor and use promotional material to encourage customers to leave a positive review about their experience.

Why you need Splose to manage your

Locals discover your business and go to Google and Google Maps for vital information such as business hours, reviews, directions, description, amount of time people spend there and your website.

We verify your Google Business  and take complete control of the information that is available to people who search and discover your business on Google.

We help get your Google ranking up by obtaining high quality reviews for your business and reply to other reviews left by the community to show people you care about their experience.

We closely monitor all feedback and reviews, manage and deal with any negative reviews immediately and follow up good feedback to appreciate positive reviews.

People use Google Search and Google Maps to find out where your business is and how to get there. We always update information, times and locations to create a smooth trip for customers from search to location.

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