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Latest features
23 Jan, 2024

Enhance your writing with splose next-gen progress notes

The Handover Progress Notes
3 mins to read

The future of progress notes and report writing is here, and it all starts with a forward slash (/). Open up a world of possibilities and write notes more flexibly than ever with the new Next-gen Progress Notes feature.

Slash your way to powerful features

Start with a forward slash (/) to access a range of progress note-writing features, including:

  • A completely redesigned table functionality will revolutionise how you build comprehensive reports. Checkboxes and dropdown options can now be inserted directly into tables, enhancing the detail and depth of your notes and reports.

  • Enhanced Formatting: Craft visually appealing and well-organised notes with improved heading options and the ability to insert inline signatures. These enhancements provide greater flexibility and customisation, ensuring your notes reflect your unique style and needs.

  • Say goodbye to limitations with drag-and-drop flexibility. The splose next-gen editor lets you structure your notes exactly the way you want. Create a layout that suits your preferences and workflow by dragging and dropping blocks.

Support to write it how you need it

Leverage the power of a rich text editor with checkboxes, multiple-choice options, file uploads, signatures, body charts, yes/no prompts, and linear scales for comprehensive and detailed progress notes writing experience. With next-gen notes, you have the flexibility to write notes that meet your specific requirements and preferences.

The future is here (and it's flexible!)

Join us as we redefine the standard and empower you to create progress notes like never before.

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