HICAPS + Splose

Process health insurance claims for clients via HICAPS without a physical terminal using the Medipass integration in Splose.

About Medipass

Medipass offers digital payment solutions to help healthcare providers get paid fast. Included is the ability to process health insurance claims for clients via HICAPS in real-time and without a physical terminal. With a Medipass account, healthcare providers can submit Medicare (Bulk Bill and Patient Claims), lodge DVA claims and accept credit card payments right within Splose.

Medipass integration

Process health insurance claims for clients via HICAPS without leaving Splose. Clients see the benefit from the health fund and pay the gap using Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card from the same transaction (using Medipass card payments). The service item, client name, date of birth and health insurance details are automatically passed from Splose to Medipass, making the claim process effortless for providers and clients. Once a HICAPS claim and gap payment are successful, the invoice will be instantaneously marked as paid in Splose. The HICAPS status card in Splose shows you if a claim is successful, pending or cancelled.

You can see transaction details and access daily and monthly settlements in Medipass. Also, you can easily find and match invoices with transaction information synced between Splose and Medipass. Payment information is securely stored in Medipass as well, speeding up any future payments and claims.

Help Guide

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