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Google Calendar for Splose

View your Google Calendar events in Splose and your Splose appointments in Google Calendar.

About Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management tool that allows you to organise your schedule and share events with family and friends. Google events get displayed in the Splose calendar with new appointments created synced to Google Calendar. Splose blocks out your online bookings for Google events marked as busy.

Integration on Splose

Connect your Google account to Splose and instantly view all Google events in your Splose Calendar. Splose will also continuously check your Google events and block out your availability in online bookings to prevent clients from booking at a time when you’re unavailable. Splose will display the Google icon for appointments synced from Splose to Google Calendar. A “View in Google” button is displayed for synced appointments, allowing for easy switching between Splose and Google Calendar.

Integration on Google Calendar

New appointments created in Splose are synced to Google Calendar, enabling you to take advantage of Google’s web and mobile apps to view your schedule on the go. Practitioners can view appointment details such as time, date, service and service type and the location of the service. Remote healthcare providers can easily open up client addresses in Google Maps.

Help Guide

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