Securely import your data from other practice systems and spreadsheets into Splose

Transform your data into
something beautiful

Import all of your data with minimal effort

Upload your CSV files and click a button. All locations, practitioners, users, appointments, clients, contacts and services will be ready in Splose. Importing happens in the blink of an eye.

Choose self-service or silver-service

Follow the step-by-step import guide or book in the import with our team. It’s just $100 which gets applied as redeemable credit on your account.

Export all of your data just as easily

Export all of your appointments, cases, contacts, expenses, expense receipts, invoices, letters, members, clients, clients files, client forms, payments, services, supporting activities and progress notes with a single click.

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Privacy is built in from day one

Magic import is designed to protect your data - no one but you sees your upload. Data is encrypted while in transit and encrypted at rest using AES-256. You can delete an import within 48 hours if you need to start over.

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