New: Easily categorise and filter clients with tags

Client tags

Providers can’t help but fall in love with Splose’s innovative CRM (client relationship management) features. As your practice grows, the need to categorise and manage client records efficiently becomes more important.

That’s why we’ve introduced Client tags in Splose. You can create and customise client tags and assign them to clients in a way that meets your goals and objectives.

You can filter your client list and narrow your search results by selecting multiple tags. For example, you can create client tags to identify which clients are self-managed and plan-managed or on a waitlist.

Creating client tags

You can create Client tags from the Settings page and customise the name and colour. Decide which user roles can access tags with custom permissions.

Tags in batch invoicing

Client tags are a fundamental feature of batch invoicing - they help segment clients to quickly and efficiently filter uninvoiced items. This option narrows the uninvoiced items list, allowing you to create batch invoices for the clients that match your criteria. An example is creating invoices for self-managed and plan-managed clients in one batch, and then another batch invoice for NDIA-managed clients.

We can't wait to see how you use tags in your workspace!

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