New: Custom Permissions

You can now customise user permissions to give your team the access they need. Every workspace includes a set of default roles to help you get started.

These roles are:

  • Practitioner admin
  • Practitioner
  • Practice manager
  • Receptionist
  • Accountant

Each role has tried and tested default permissions that fit most use cases.

However, with custom permissions, you can now update permissions for each role. Account owners will now find the "Roles & Permissions" page under settings.

Behind the scenes, we spent months crafting permissions that give you control over what users can do. The practitioner role has an array of exciting new permissions. For example, you can:

  • Decide if practitioners can access other practitioner calendars
  • Select whether practitioners can view progress notes from other practitioners
  • Give practitioners access to individual reports and settings

We are excited for you to explore the new granular access permissions and customise them according to your business needs.

Learn how to customise user roles & permissions.

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