Automate invoicing to plan managers with LanternPay

Automate invoicing

Submit invoices to NDIS plan managers directly from Splose with the LanternPay integration and get paid faster. Eliminate sending invoices and waiting days to weeks for remittance.

About LanternPay

LanternPay is an online claiming platform that allows you to quickly claim invoices to the TAC, Worksafe Victoria, NDIS, Medibank, NIB and more.

Get a real-time response for claims

Connect LanternPay and run a pre-determination for NDIS plan managed invoices. Quickly see if the invoice item lines are provisionally approved or rejected.

Easily submit invoices to plan managers

Once provisionally approved, you can click a button in Splose to submit your invoice through LanternPay for fast claiming. LanternPay eliminates the need to email invoices to plan managers and wait for remittance. The invoice in Splose is automatically marked as paid when the payment is complete from LanternPay.

Check out the help guide to get started with the LanternPay integration.

See the growing list of plan managers registered with LanternPay.

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