Introducing Telehealth appointments with Zoom

Zoom for Telehealth

Zoom's frictionless communications platform makes it an obvious integration choice for Telehealth in Splose. Zoom's flawless video and audio solution enable providers to support clients anywhere in the world with ease. The Zoom integration works perfectly with the new timezone feature that allows clients to receive Zoom Meeting details in any time zone - so you never have to convert time zones again.

Create Zoom Meetings from the calendar

You can create Zoom Meetings for appointments from your calendar and view the Zoom details right from Splose. At the appointment start time, click "Start Zoom Meeting" to open Zoom right from the calendar.

Create Zoom Meetings for appointments booked online

Your clients can book appointments in any timezone using online bookings. It's super easy, plus with auto-detection, clients can quickly proceed. The client's timezone is stored and used to send appointments details, so you never have to convert timezones again.

Automatically send Zoom Meeting details

Send SMS and email confirmations and reminders in the client's timezone. Set up communication templates and send messages that include the Zoom Meeting ID, link and password.

Check out the help guide to get started with Zoom integration.

Splose undergoes a strict security process by Zoom to ensure the highest level of security for providers. Check out Splose on the Zoom Marketplace.

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