Automate your client communications with email and SMS templates

Imagine never having to physically contact clients about upcoming or past appointments

Writing down a client's appointment details on the back of your business card, manually sending SMS reminders and following up with phone calls should be distant memories and belong only in history books. Despite being time consuming and hard to coordinate amongst team members, these methods of client communication are relied upon by thousands of businesses every day. For some, it can be hard to imagine that a better way exists. That’s why we built communication templates, part of our commitment to designing the future of workflow automation for allied health teams. As a result, our customers are saving hours every single day!

See automation in action from the get-go with communication templates

Every workspace automatically receives our tried and tested appointment communication templates that are ready to be used for your business.

We are going to cover some of the ways automated communication can keep your clients updated throughout their journey with your business and how you can use automation to improve client retention.

A few points to note:

  • You can turn on/off the SMS and email option for individual templates
  • You decide exactly what content should be sent to clients (our pre-made templates are there as a guide)
  • You can create a range of templates for services offered by different allied health disciplines so that communication is personalised for all of your clients

Appointment confirmations are sent to clients when an appointment is created from your calendar or when a client makes an online booking. The confirmation email includes a calendar attachment so that clients can easily add the appointment details to their own calendar.

Appointment rescheduled messages are sent when you edit an appointment's service, start/end time or date. To prevent this message being sent as a mistake, Splose requires a second confirmation upon updating the appointment.

Appointment reminders can be sent 1-24 hours or 2-7 days before an appointment.

You can also create and attach multiple appointment reminders for different services! For example, you could set up a 24-hour reminder template and a 2-hour reminder template for initial consultations, providing an extra level of assurance that new clients will attend their first appointment.

Appointment cancellations are sent when you cancel an appointment from your calendar (including recurring appointments you cancel). Currently, appointments can only be cancelled from your calendar, with plans to create a cancellation link feature that you will be able to include in your communication templates (should you wish to give clients the ability to cancel their own appointments).

There may be circumstances where you only wish to send certain communications, such as reminders, in which case you could choose not to attach a template for confirmation, rescheduled and cancellation messages.

Using placeholders to send dynamic information for appointments

You can automatically send information to clients for appointments using these placeholders:


  • Date
  • DateShort
  • StartTime24h
  • StartTimeAmPm
  • EndTime24h
  • EndTimeAmPm
  • ServiceTitle
  • Note


  • FullNameWithTitle
  • FullName
  • Title
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • MobilePhoneNumber
  • HomePhoneNumber
  • WorkPhoneNumber
  • Email
  • FullAddress
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • PostalCode
  • DateOfBirth
  • GenderIdentity
  • Occupation
  • FirstAppointmentDate
  • FirstAppointmentTime24
  • FirstAppointmentTimeAmPm
  • MostRecentAppointmentDate
  • MostRecentAppointmentTime24
  • MostRecentAppointmentTimeAmPm
  • NextAppointmentDate
  • NextAppointmentTime24
  • NextAppointmentTimeAmPm


  • FullNameWithTitle
  • FullName
  • Title
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Occupation


  • Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • PatientTerm
  • BookingLink
  • LocationName
  • LocationPhone
  • LocationFullAddress
  • LocationAddress
  • LocationState
  • LocationPostalCode
  • LocationCountry
  • LocationTimezone


  • Any forms you create will be added to the Form dropdown, allowing you to send online forms to clients upon making a booking

It's easy to keep your automated communication running smoothly

Email sending in Splose is 100% free - send one or one thousand emails and you will never be charged.

SMS credits are 10c + GST per SMS sent. You can go to Settings > Communication > SMS credits and purchase credits which will be billed to the card attached to your account. Credit usage is in real-time, so you will see your available balance at any time.

You can also keep your automated SMS messages running smoothly by opting for automatic recharge when your credits reach a low-level balance you specify. For example, you might tell Splose to recharge 200 credits when your SMS credit balance reaches below 50 credits.

If you would like to be notified when your SMS credit balance is running low, Splose can send you low SMS credit balance email reminder to help prompt you to log in and purchase more SMS credits if you haven't set up automatic recharge.

Keep track of all outgoing communication for compliance purposes

Compliance and transparency are incredibly important to us, which is why Splose keeps a record of all communication (inbound and outbound), allowing users and admins to audit a client files and receptionists to confirm that appointment communication are being successfully sent out.

Here’s what Splose can record for communications:

1. The date and time of the communication sent

2. The type - you can add your own communication types in settings or if it is being logged by the system, it will only show as email or SMS.

3. The direction of the message (outbound or inbound). You can use inbound if you manually record communications and when our 2 way SMS feature is released.

4. Whether the communication was automatically logged by the system from your templates or was manually entered and by whom it was added by.

5. For SMS messages sent, the content of that message will be displayed here. Email content is coming soon!

We're so excited about automating communication workflow as it plays a big part in our master plan for an automated practice management experience. You can learn more about this feature and others or try Splose for free and set up your new workflow.

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