Clients can now book appointments in any timezone

Introducing timezone support

We've introduced timezone support, so you can care for clients anywhere in the world with ease. You will no longer need to convert timezones and provide those details to the client. Every client's timezone is stored and used when sending out appointments. When a client uses online bookings, or you book appointments from the calendar, you can rest assured knowing the client will receive appointment details in the local timezone.

Timezone options in online bookings

Your clients can book appointments in any timezone using online bookings. It's super easy, and with auto-detection, clients can quickly proceed through the steps.

Store your client's timezone details

Your client's timezone is stored on the details page, so you never have to convert timezones again.

Automatically send appointment communications in your client's timezone

All appointment communications (confirmations, rescheduling, cancellations and reminders) now include timezone placeholders, allowing all clients to receive appointment notifications in a local timezone.

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