Accept card payments from online bookings

Payments for online bookings

We've extended our Stripe integration, which already powers our gift vouchers feature and the invoice 'Pay now' button. You can now accept credit card payments from your online bookings page. Your clients can pay for appointments ahead of time, allowing you to secure revenue upfront and reduce no-shows.

Customise your online booking page

Add your logo, colours and messaging to make your online booking page feel like an extension of your brand.

Enable online payments for select services

Select: which services have online payments enabled, if payment is required or optional and if clients should make full payment or partial payment.

Fast and secure checkout

Clients securely pay at the time of booking to confirm the appointment.

Automate invoicing

Splose automatically creates an invoice for the appointment and marks it as paid. The invoice and payment are synced to Xero immediately (if connected).

Calendar icons

The 'Paid' icon will be displayed on the calendar for you and other staff to see. 

Check out our help guide to learn more.

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